Bridal Gallery 

Create your bespoke training  masterclass.
One to one tuition or as a group.

Bespoke Bridal Design.

Beautiful unique designs from traditional wiring techniques to high end decorative constructions with complimentary adornment for the bridal party

Vegetative Design Gallery

Natural Design, Fashion & Trends  

I was meandering in the woods on a winters day gathering foliage's, branches & berries from the ground.
With a little reel wire, bullion wire & cold glue the bears were adorned with headdresses.

Bespoke Bridal Adornment Gallery

Classic wristlet design and less than traditional head design and baskette

Bespoke baskette created from electrical fasteners

 Wedding Gallery

Fashion and trends basics. 

The question is? 
To Be High- above head height when sitting down or To Be Below, head height when sitting down.

Pedestal designs
Cake surrounds & tops
More traditional table designs placed upon mirrored glass to bounce the light around the room

The bridal collection has designs which take your eye around the room , from high to low maximising  on the light & flow within the room .

Gallery of bespoke design using glass vessels or test tubes

Fashion and trends.

Tip: Use the largest size test tube possible, replenish with water & nutrients regularly, especially in warm climates. 

Make up masterclasses. All the styles you'll need.

Test tubes or glass vessels are my favourite mechanic give fresh flower materials the most advantageous way in which to hydrate, in addition when appropriate to misting.

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