Professional Florists & Corporate Clients

I work with professional florists across the UK & Europe. 

This is usually on a one-to-one basis or a small group of me and a few professional florists from one area or a specific project. 

All my work is bespoke to the time and type of assistance required by professional florists or clients.

Contact me here for further details or call me on 0792 209 0226.

NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arranging Societies)

I have been an area demonstrator for NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arranging Societies) since 2020, although I have demonstrated at clubs for many years prior to this. 

I am available for any of the 800-plus flower arranging clubs that are affiliated to NAFAS in the UK and those clubs in Europe. 

Typically, I provide 1.5 hour demonstrations. 

Fee = Six designs for £200 plus travel expenses + cost of flowers.

I also conduct workshops - usually 5 hours i.e. a full day - for any level of expertise from novice to experienced floral arrangers and designers who want to develop their floral design knowledge & techniques. 

Fee = Three designs for £250 plus travel expenses + cost of flowers.


Typically, I create 3 bespoke designs with the emphasis on the principles & elements of design, the inspiration, the methodology & techniques.

Attendees construct their own designs inspired by the workshop demonstration, whilst receiving lots of support and guidance. 

Venues are usually church halls or schools and times can be day time, evenings or weekends. 

Contact me here to book a demonstration or workshop at your flower arranging club or call me on 0792 209 0226.

Colleges & Universities

I have worked with numerous colleges and universities over the years on post 16 and undergraduate courses covering floristry, floral design and flower arranging. 

I am a qualified teacher with the NDSF, now known as the Master Diploma in Professional Floristry, Certificate in Education, GCGI City & Guilds Graduateship Professional Management Award.

I am an Academic Fellow of the Institute of Professional Florists and Member of the British Florist Association and a NAFAS area demonstrator. 

For further information about my experience, qualifications and fees, please  Contact me here or call me on 0792 209 0226.

Face-to-face Floral Design Courses

I deliver bespoke courses in a face-to-face setting such as a church or community hall on topics such as ‘Introduction To Floral Design’ or ‘Advanced Floral Design’ where I often invite other tutors, including some from overseas, to come and demonstrate their expertise along with mine. 

Other topics can be ‘bridal’, ‘evening’ or ‘funeral flowers’.

Typically, these courses run for up to 10 weeks (3 hours per week).

  Contact me here  for further information about forthcoming face-to-face floral design courses or call me on 0792 209 0226.

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